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Hookatec™ Mission


Our Mission - To industrialize hookah culture.

Our Vision - To improve the hookah session for all hookah enthusiasts around the world.

The Shisha, known by a multitude of names depending on region, is undergoing a global re-emergence truly unique to any stage of its history from its beginnings reaching a millennia. This gain in popularity has endured a stagnancy of the experience quality. Shisha is now enjoyed in higher numbers, but the industry has not really advanced.

We are creating world-class products that refine the pleasure and hygiene of Shisha with intentions to minimize its harm and heighten quality on all levels.

Our inventive brands are the embodiment of our ideals and are transforming the experience for Shisha enthusiasts around the world. Stay tuned to see what's developing!

Bishara Tannous - Hookatec FounderBishara Tannous